These Caves Are So Big, They Have Their Own Weather System.


Hey, China! Your Er Wang Dong cave network is so big, it has its own weather system! … No, really, it does.

The enormous cave system is complete with clouds, fog, and all. It’s one of the newest natural wonders that has been discovered. The caves, located in the Chongquing province of China, were hidden for years. Then, a stunned exploration team stumbled across them.

If you haven’t seen these caves before, you have to check them out. Not only will their massive size give you vertigo, but they have an entire world inside of them that you probably never realized was possible.

Inside of these cave systems, you can spot clouds, fog and mist.

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Venturing into the caves is an epic journey… one you shouldn’t take if you’re afraid of heights.

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A few of the caves were previously used by nitrate miners, but a vast majority were unexplored.

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Cloud Ladder Hall spans 12 acres and the ceiling, covered with fog, is about 820 feet-high.

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Like most caves, Er Wang Dong had many pools and submerged areas, which explorers had to keep an eye on if it was raining on the surface.

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I hope he packed a lot of rope.

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I wouldn’t look down if I were you…

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Er Wang Dong cave formed in Lower Ordovician limestone. It is located close to another very large cave system, the San Wang Dong caves.

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“Massive” just doesn’t do this justice.

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I know where I’m going next time I play hide and seek.

This cave system was only discovered in the last couple of years. Just imagine what other treasures and new life forms are hiding inside (and all around the world, for that matter). Share these impressive caves with others by clicking on the Share button below.


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